Gina Trapani

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In Brief

Gina Trapani is a Partner and Director of Engineering at Postlight, a digital product studio in New York City. She is the founding and former editor of Lifehacker. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


is the award-winning writer and programmer whose work translates cutting-edge technology into insights that boost personal productivity. Currently located in Brooklyn, NY, Gina is a Partner and Director of Engineering at Postlight, a digital product studio. She created and led development on ThinkUp, a social data insights engine, funded in part by the MacArthur Foundation. She created Todo.txt, text-based to-do list apps, and Narrow the Gapp, a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data-driven web site about the gender pay gap. Gina was the founding editor of Lifehacker, the seminal productivity blog which garnered nominations for Blog of the Decade and yielded the best-selling book, Lifehacker, which is now in its third edition.

Her writing has been published in The Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Wired,, PC World, Fast Company, Maximum PC, and Macworld magazines. Profiles of Gina's work have appeared in venues ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times. Wired named her one of "the best reporters, writers, and thinkers on the Internet" in August of 2013. Fast Company named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2009 and 2010, and Wired magazine awarded her its prestigious Rave Award in 2006.

Gina also detests talking about herself and thanks the good friend who wrote this bio.